Mixology Monday: The Cherry Herring No. 2

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After an inexcusably long hiatus from tickling the blog ivories, I return to participate in the latest Mixology Monday event: Cherries. It’s a simple proposition: submit a cocktail recipe that involves cherries or a cherry-flavored ingredient. My mind leapt immediately to a tipple I composed shortly after becoming acquainted with Brandon Herring, proprietor of the excellent BarNotes app for iPhone, which I highly recommened; it’s the best drinks app out there right now. After chatting with Brandon a little, his name all but demanded an eponymous and punny cocktail. I love any opportunity to use kirschwasser, a dry cherry brandy that originates from morello cherries grown in Germany’s Black Forest. I also had some prosecco on hand, and lo, the tasty magic did rain down o’er me. It’s called “No. 2” because immediately after I told Brandon about my cocktail name idea, he beat me to the punch with his own tasty concoction. And here is a requisite link back to Gin Hound.

Cherry Herring No. 2 ✯✯✯✯1/2
1 oz Schladerer kirschwasser
1 oz Cocchi sweet vermouth
1/2 oz Mathilde poire liqueur
2 dashes Fee Brothers cherry bitters
1 oz prosecco

Stir the first four ingredients and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top with the prosecco.