901 Very Good Cocktails: A Practical Guide

“This is a refreshing look at recommendable cocktails put together by someone not working in the drink industry. It’s a labor of painstaking love. And he gave my Debonaire cocktail his highest rating, so he must know what he’s talking about, right?”

Gaz Regan, author of The Joy of Mixology, creator of Regans’ Orange Bitters No. 6, and host of gazregan.com

“One of my favorite new cocktail books. Informative, funny, useful, creative. Annoyingly good. Buy it now.”

Angus Winchester, global ambassador for the House of Tanqueray Gin and proprietor of Alconomics.

“Stew Ellington's 901 Very Good Cocktails: A Practical Guide is just that, practical and useful. It has just become one of my favorite bartending guides for a number of reasons: the layout is useful, the recipes are clear, and the categories of drinks are fun to explore. This book has all of your favorite drinks, hundreds you didn't know are your favorite, and it has no fluff, no pretentious nature, just one man's simple and honest study of great drinks. Overall, this is going to be one of the best $25 you will spend for your bar.”

Colleen Graham, host of About.com - Cocktails

“A very interesting book that's full of knowledge and features the most lovingly obsessive classification system we've ever seen. The high-contrast, easy-to-read type and excellent cocktail selection makes it an invaluable and well-thought-out book for actual usability. This is a working book, not an art/coffee table book, a fact reflected in the very modest price versus the overall value of this excellent volume. A great addition to your cocktail library or behind any bar.”

Christopher Carlsson, host of Spirits Review

“Any cocktail guide that calls for Amer Picon immediately piques my interest. The recipes make up the bulk of this nearly 250 page volume, but there are also interesting sections on the author’s spirit brand recommendations; 68 lists of the cocktails by varied themes, including my favorite, “Pretentious or Otherwise Annoying”; and a long list of available resources. This is a great book to spend time with, and the fact that it stays open on the bar is helpful when you’re trying to make something for the first time. Good Spirits News Rating: A-

Blair Frodelius, host of Good Spirits News

“Making complicated drinks is what I do for a living. When I come home, I want a book I can flip through to find something to try on a moment’s notice. Generally eschewing homemade or hard-to-find ingredients, 901 Very Good Cocktails is perfect for that. Anyone wanting a cocktail book that rewards casual and frequent exploration will be very happy with it.”

Jacob Grier, lead bartender at MetroVino, Portland, OR

“I just got my copy and, at 76 years of age and a lifelong cocktail aficionado, I can tell you this is the best book on the subject that I've ever come across — and I already had a good library of such! Get it!”

Will Penna

“I very much enjoyed the read. The cocktail organizational structure is unique and effective, and the lack of moustache-twirling pretense is damned refreshing. This is a cocktail guide that both a rookie cocktail bar or established joint can find value in. All in all, well done!”

Damon Dyer of Flatiron Lounge, Clover Club, and Brooklyn Gin, New York

“I have never seen a more comprehensive guide to cocktails, holy shit! The amount of work in that thing. Incredible.”

Heather B. Armstrong, host of dooce.com

“Stew’s book is the finest collection of cocktails ever put in a book (except for Left Coast Libations) and is also the most beautifully designed cocktail book ever (except for Left Coast Libations). Furthermore, Stew is the most charming, intelligent, and handsome man to ever write a cocktail book (except for the author of Left Coast Libations). If you can only buy one cocktail book this year (and you already have 10 or more copies of Left Coast Libations), make 901 Very Good Cocktails the one (or buy another copy of Left Coast Libations).”

Ted Munat, author of Left Coast Libations

“Wow. Amazing. Love it… extremely detailed and I absolutely love the personal story behind the passion/obsession of creating such a practical yet beautiful guide book to tasty libations, which is also a coffee table accessory now at my home. I cannot wait to try and make one of the fabulous cocktails. Impressive and worth far more than $25.”

Terri Varela, Stew's hair cutter and proprietor of Chroma Salon